2011 Chronology of the Match-Fixing Scandal in the Turkey

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The Chronological Lay Out of the Match Fixing Case in Turkey

03.07.2011 Match Fixing Operation Started: Board members, players, managers of various clubs were arrested by Turkish police.

13.07.2011 First Confession about Match Fixing: İstanbul BB’s player Ibrahim Akin confessed at prosecuting attorney’s office alongside his solicitors that he took $100,000.00 from Fenerbahce SK for not scoring against them.

15.08.2011 First Ethical Committee Report sent to Turkish FF, before the intervention of political power: Fenerbahce SK, Sivasspor SK, and Mersin İdmanyurdu were found guilty for match fixing offence. The First Report of the TFF's Ethics Committee (340 pages) completely hidden from public scrutiny and FIFA and UEFA. But, summary section of the report (38 pages) leaked to the press. Prof.Dr.Oguz Atalay, chairman of the committee, confirmed that document published in the press is the actual document.

22.08.2011 Pierre Cornu arrived at Turkey: UEFA sent inspector Pierre Cornu to Turkey to talk to Turkish FF and the prosecuting attorney Mehmet Berk.

24.08.2011 Trabzonspor replaced Fenerbahce SK in Champions League: After TFF withdrawn Fenerbahce SK from Champions Leauge, UEFA invited Trabzonspor to the competition.

25.08.2011 Appeals Body rejected Fenerbahce’s request against Turkish FF’s decision that withdrawn Fenerbahce SK from Champions League.

01.09.2011 Fenerbahce SK applied CAS: Fenerbahce SK applied CAS to stop the Champions League withdrawn decision of Turkish FF and sued TFF and UEFA for 45 million Euros for this decision.

09.09.2011 CAS decided against Fenerbahce SK: CAS refused Fenerbahce SK’s application on stopping the decision of TFF that withdrawn them from Champions League.

24.11.2011 First Political Intervention: Turkish Parliament changed Sports Law (Law No: 6222) that came in to effect on 14.04.2011 and reduced all sentences that penalises crimes in sport.

26.01.2012 Turkish FF held a general metting with the clubs to change the Discipline code 58 in order to save clubs from relegation those were involved in match fixing but the clubs voted against the change.

09.02.2012 Mehmet Ali Aydınlar’s Confession: Mr. Aydınlar told on a TV programme that he did nor want tobe the president who relegated Fenerbahce SK and that is why he postponed the decision and tried to find a way to save Fenerbehce SK that he is a member of. He added that he was so sure of Fenerbahce SK’s guiltiness that if they win the case at CAS he would pay the 45 million euros they asked for.

27.02.2012 New President elected for TFF: Turkish FF and the discipline bodies were changed as a result of resignation of Mehmet Ali Aydinlar (ex-president of TFF) and the board members.

22.03.2012 UEFA congress in Istanbul: Mr. Michel Platini told to press that it is not possible to seperate clubs from individuals on match fixing offences after Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan offered him this suggestion. In another press conference Mr. Gianni Infantino told that Referees being banned for life, not because they helped fix matches but because they accepted being contacted to help fix matches and added 58th article of Disciplinary Code is the UEFA’s must have code and changing of this code by national federations can not be accepted and will not be allowed by UEFA.

26.04.2012 Fenerbahce SK withdrawn the case against TFF and UEFA at CAS.

30.04.2012 TFF changed the Discipline Code 58: TFF changed the discipline code 58 as well as some other codes in order to prevent clubs from relegation despite the fact that clubs rejected this change at the last meeting.

02.05.2012 Second Ethical Committee report was revealed: Despite being established after political intervention the second committee also found Fenerbahce SK guilty of match fixing in 3 matches. Two vice president of Fenerbahce SK (Ilhan Eksioglu and Sekip Mosturoglu) were found guilty along side players, agents, managers of various clubs.

06.05.2012 PFDK (Professional Football Discipline Committee) announced the scandal decision: Despite barring Fenerbahce SK vice presidents, club members, some other team players (played against Fenerbahce SK) that Fenerbahce SK fixed matches with PFDK invented a solution to prevent clubs from relegation; Match Fixing was not reflected on to the pitch.

30.05.2012 Political Intervention of Turkish Prime Minister: Turkish PM Recep Tayyip Erdoğan told during a press statement that he was beyond an ordinary supporter and he was a member of Fenerbahce SK congrees. He also repeated his idea of seperating clubs from individuals despite being rejected by Platini in March.

02.07.2012 Court’s decision on match fixing case: The Judce announced his verdict on match fixing and found several people guilty from different clubs. Some of those people and their sentences are as below:.

· Aziz Yildirim (President of Fenerbahçe SK) - Match-fixing at 7 matches : Imprisonment of 6 years and 3 months.

· Sekip Mosturoglu (Vice President of Fenerbahçe SK) - Match-fixing at 3 matches : Imprisonment of 3 years 1 month and 14 days.

· Ilhan Eksioglu (Vice President of Fenerbahçe SK) - Match-fixing at 5 matches : Imprisonment of 4 years and 4 months

· Tamer Yelkovan (Chief Financial Officer of Fenerbahçe SK) - Match-fixing at 3 matches and member of criminal organisation for match-fixing: Imprisonment of 2 years 9 months.

· Mecnun Otyakmaz (Sivasspor SK-President) - 1 year and 6 months and 22 days for match fixing in Fenerbahce SK match against Sivasspor SK.

· Bülent Uygun (Eskişehirspor SK-manager) – 11 months 7 days imprisinmont due to getting bribe from Fenerbahce SK regarding Eskişehir SK’s match against Trabzonspor SK.on 22.04.2011.

· Ibrahim Akin ( İstanbul BB player) – 1 year 6 months and 22 days for match fixing for benefit of Fenerbahce SK at the match that his team lost 2-0 on 01.05.2011.

· Korcan Celikay (Sivasspor SK goal keper) – 1 year and 3 months imprisonment for fixing match for benefit of Fenerbahce SK at the match that his team lost 4-3 at the last game of the season on 22.05.2011.

· Mehmet Yıldız (Sivasspor SK player) - 1 year and 3 months imprisonment for fixing match for benefit of Fenerbahce SK at the match that his team lost 4-3 at the last game of the season on 22.05.2011.'

28.07.2012 Finally, Aziz Yildirim ( President of Fenerbahce SK ) told on a press statement that, if he committed the match fixing crime he he did it for Fenerbahce SK, not for himself.

This chronological lay out of the match fixing clearly proves the existance of match fixing activities during the 2010-2011 season at Turkish Super League. Ethical Committees, Professional Football Discipline Committee and the court’s verdict all aggree on one decision; Fenerbahçe SK were involved in several match fixing activities that led them to win the Championship in 2010-2011 season.

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