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Koç Family

Koç Group (Koç Holding) is the top industrial conglomerate in Turkey. The Koç family, one of Turkey's wealthiest families, controls the company with its headquarters in Nakkastepe, Istanbul. Vehbi Koç, who established his first firm in 1926, collected all of the companies bearing his name under the roof of Koç Holding on 20 November 1963 in order to centrally manage these companies.


Trade with Nazi Germany

Despite Turkey's neutrality in World War II, in accordance with the prevailing public and political attitudes in Turkey, some politicians and higher-ranking officers within the Turkish Army had pro-Nazi sympathies: notably Sukru Saracoglu (Foreign Mininter 1938-1942; Prime Minister 1942-1946), Refik Saydam (Prime Minister 1939-1942), Numan Menemencioglu (Foreign Minister 1942-1944).
During this period, Turkey was an important producer of chromite, a key ingredient in the manufacture of stainless steel and refractory brick to which the Germans had limited access. Koc Group considered close to the Turkish military regime and army, provided large amounts of chromite from Turkey to Nazi Germany for their weapons industry, until April 1944. [1]

Operations and Subsidiaries

  • Yapi Kredi Bankasi is a nationwide private banks in Turkey, established in 1944, and positioned as the fourth largest privately owned and by asset size in Turkey. On August 17, 2012 The Bank was the sponsor of UEFA Champions League.[2] (It is still unknown, why is a local Turkish bank that is inactive in Europa, became a sponsor of UEFA.)
  • Grundig a formerly German manufacturer of consumer electronics for home entertainment which changed hands several times before becoming part of the Koc Group. Grundig brand is the official sponsor of Fenerbahce SK.
  • RMK Marine is a wholly owned subsidiary company of KOC Family, specialising in naval surface shipbuilding and combat systems integration for Turkish Naval Forces.
  • Otokar produces buses and wheeled military vehicles for the Turkish Armed Forces.
  • Otosan is a automotive production company, which is a joint venture between Ford Motor Company and Koc Group.
  • Koc University was founded in 1993 as a private university in Istanbul, Turkey.

Notable Persons


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