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Nazım Bey or Dr. Nazım (1870 in Selanik - 1926) was 8th Chairman of club Fenerbahce SK between 1916-18.[1]
Dr. Nazim was ideologist of "Committee of Union and Progress" and played a significant role in the Armenian genocide and the expulsion of Greeks in Western Anatolia.

Role in Armenian Genocide

Dr. Nazim was a leading figure in the Turkification of the Ottoman empire. Many members of this organization eventually participated in the Turkish national movement and had played special roles in the Armenian Genocide.[2] In a speech delivered on during the closing remarks of a Committee of Union and Progress meeting, Dr. Nazim has said:[3][4] And continued by saying, "the procedure this time will be one of total annihilation-it is necessary that not even one single Armenian survive this annihilation".

During one of the secret meetings of the Young Turks, Dr. Nazim was quoted as saying, "The massacre is necessary. All the non-Turkish elements, whatever nation they belong to, should be exterminated".[5] In February 1915, two months prior to the commencement of the Armenian genocide, Dr. Nazim declared a new government policy which would "produce total annihilation" in which would be "essential that no Armenians survives". Due to his role in the Armenian genocide, Dr. Nazim was sentenced to death by the Turkish Courts-Martial of 1919–1920.[6]


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