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Emmanuel Emenike being taken into custody by the police. 3 July 2011

Emmanuel Chinenye Emenike (b. 10 May 1987, Aguleri, Nigeria) is a Nigerian footballer who plays as a striker for Fenerbahce SK in the Turkish Super Lig.

Football Career

On 25 May 2011, Emenike joined Fenerbahce SK for an undisclosed fee, believed to be around 9 million euros. On 7 July 2011, Emenike was arrested by the police for match-fixing allegations. After being questioned, Emenike was freed by the Turkish court as there was no evidence against him and charges against him can't be acquitted over his role in the match fixing, according to the Turkish press agency. Shortly after being transfer listed by Fenerbahçe, Fenerbahçe announced that Emmanuel Emenike had been sold to Spartak Moscow (for a fee of €10 million). Five months on of the match fixing, Emenike was charged, along with thirteen players, over alleged match-fixing attempts. If convicted of match-fixing in a Turkish court, he could have faced up to three years in prison. After several delays over his case during a two year time span, Emenike was acquitted of match-fixing on the 25th of April 2013, due to a "lack of credible evidence'". On 28 July 2011, he was sold to Spartak Moscow for €10 million due to the match fixing scandal involving Fenerbahce and Emenike. Emenike made history by becoming the first man to be transferred to another club without playing a match for Fenerbahce SK.


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